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Head of $70,000-a-year Ivy League feeder school in Massachusetts disinvites 1619 Project founder...


The Middlesex School, a prestigious Ivy League feeder boarding school in Massachusetts, has blocked Nikole Hannah-Jones, New York Times writer and founder of the 1619 Project, from speaking on campus due to the 'noise' her presence would create.

Hannah-Jones said she was invited to speak at Middlesex during a planned diversity symposium in February but claims the school has since rescinded the offer.

Posting on Twitter, she shared an email from someone allegedly associated with the school that reads: 'According to my head of school and board, the "noise" associated with having Nikole as the speaker would take away from the overall experience.

'I then suggested that Nikole be a featured speaker for our BIPOC alumni and was told "this is not the right thing for our community."'

Middlesex, founded in 1901 in Concord, Massachusetts, is a traditionally white institution, the Daily Beast reported.

The prestigious school costs nearly $70,000 a year and has educated several prominent figures including actor-comedian Steve Carrell, New York Times Managing Editor Joseph Khan and former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld, among others.

Hannah-Jones said that although the 'president and board canceled my talk, I don't feel "canceled."'

'This is clearly the result of the hysteria and successful propaganda campaign that has pretended elite white schools trying to deal with the legacy of racism are stoking the new Salem Witch trials and must be exposed.

'The campaign has been successful here,' she alleged.

'They were likely afraid that by having me — a NYT journalist & college professor — there, they'd invite backlash & another of the "'woke' people are ruining America" stories.