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'You need to get off f****** TikTok!' Dad flips out on daughter after she claimed...


A father has gone viral over his hilarious reaction to his daughter claiming she put diesel fuel in her car because she thought the gas station's green pumps were for Christmas.

Grace Williams, who is known as @itscoachgrace on social media, enlisted her mother to help her pull off the TikTok prank, which has been given a holiday spin in recent weeks. 

'Your dumba** daughter needs to talk to you for a second,' her mom announced, as they sat in her car and talked to her dad on speaker phone. 

'Which one of 'em?' he asked before Grace spoke up. 

'I have a quick car question,' she said. 'So on TikTok everybody was talking about how some of the gas stations have green gas pumps for Christmas...'

'You didn't. You did not,' her dad interjected. 

'Oh, she did,' her mom chimed in. 

Grace's dad immediately wanted to know how much diesel fuel she put into her car, and she was met with a long silence after she told him 'half a tank.'

She struggled not to laugh as her father let out an exasperated sigh. 

'You need to get off f****** TikTok is what you need to do,' he yelled. 'What the f***.'

They couldn't hold their laughter in anymore, and Grace's mom quickly thought of an excuse for the muffled noises they were making.