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Here are the best US cities for pizza - New York and Chicago are not even in the running


But it is Denver, Colorado, that can claim to be best for pizza, according to a comprehensive study that looked at EIGHT measures. See the box below for their full methodology.

In a nutshell, researchers considered typical price, the number of restaurants and how well they were rated plus a so-called 'pizza passion' score. 

Across those, the Mile High City rose to the top across 50 of the biggest US metros researched by Clever Real Estate.

NYC did land one unwanted accolate - the most expensive pizzas in America where a large pepperoni is amost $34. 

Denver scored well across the board. For example, it had the second-highest score on average Yelp reviews at 4.05 stars and scored 82 out of 100 on pizza passion, which measures how often locals are searching Google for pizza-related terms.

It is also affordable with a large cheese pizza averaging just $16.79, the 12th cheapest.

Buffalo earned the title of the second-best pizza city in the US, rising from number 17 last year. 

It had a chance to earn the No. 1 spot but was hurt by low affordability - a measure that compares local prices with local wages. Buying a cheese pizza once a week costs residents 1.91 per cent of their annual income — 30 per cent more than the average city. 

After two years in a row as the best pizza city, Detroit lost its top spot and fell to number nine in the 2024 rankings. 

Pennsylvania ranks as the best state for pizza with two cities - Philadelphia at number 4 and Pittsburgh at number 10 - in the top 10 best pizza cities.

Various different metros were top - or bottom - for the eight measures.