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GOVERNMENT IS A CORPORATION! - Are You Their Employee? - How Laws Are Used...

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Tim Picciott talks with Curtis Stone (Off Grid With Curtis Stone) and Jay Noone (The Free State Project) about self sustainability, living off grid, growing and building your own in the face of the state's constantly growing technocratic takeover which is meant to make humanity dependent. From there, the topic of law comes up and how the populace is willingly enslaved by their lack of comprehension of law. Is government a corporation? How do you get around authoritarianism? Do you really have to pay income taxes or property taxes? How do you deal with tyranny representing yourself in court? There are so many incredibly important issues broken down in this video by two guests who live by example every day. From legalese regarding corporate "law" to free will and the laws of God and nature.


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They also lie about cosmology. Probably their best lie because so many never even question it.