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Criminal Justice System

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Lying on his floor with assault weapons trained on him, shouts of "pedophile!" and "pornographer!" stinging like his fresh cuts and bruises, the homeowner didn't need long to figure the reason for the early morning wake-up call from a swarm of federa

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Eric Peters via

As the economy tanks, crime is going up. The maggots will be looking for soft targets and your garage – especially if you leave it open – is one of the softest. What can you do to reduce the odds you’ll be victimized?

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Reality Report | http://RealityReport.TV | Bernard von NotHaus joins Gary Franchi for an interview on the Reality Report to provide an update on his recent trial and unfortunate outcome.

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The Agitator

University of Virginia law professor Brandon Garrett has a new book out called Convicting the Innocent: Where Criminal Prosecutions Go Wrong. He looks at two causes of wrongful convictions,false confessions and bad eyewitness testimony

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Steve Yoder

You could say it started with three small-town Minnesota boys riding their bikes to a convenience store on an October night in 1989. As they were returning home on a dark stretch of road, a man stepped out of the darkness holding a gun. He told them

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By Brandon Smith

[off the chart read ED] I was in the midst of the Save America Convention in Tampa, Florida when I heard, first, that Libya was under bombardment by the UN (led by U.S. forces), and, that Bernard von NotHaus of Liberty Dollar had been convicted of “c

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Phoenix Arizona, Man on the Land Bill talks about how the zip codes have been implemented to put YOU into the Defacto corporation. Using brackets and your zip code in the format [XXXXX-9998] means you are still "on" the land and not "in" it. Being "

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That’s my attorneys answer to people when they think that they can go up against a corrupt government, especially when they think or know they are right.   For instance going against the IRS, even though there are millions that believe there is

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Mother Jones

At least the Ron Paul chocolates are still legal. Bernard Von NotHaus, the "monetary architect" behind the world's only currency emblazoned with Ron Paul's face, has been convicted in federal court for producing counterfeit currency and engaging

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