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Criminal Justice System

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Bank of America Corp may settle a state and federal probe of foreclosure practices in a deal that lets New York proceed with an inquiry into securitizations, Bloomberg reported citing two people with direct knowledge of the matter. The firm may pu

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The Libertarian Enterprise

The people in charge of the major networks are evil, gutless cowards. So, who are these people, and where do they live? What are their home phone numbers, and how can you show them some justice?

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New York (CNN) -- Attorneys for the family of a 9/11 victim said they will push forward with a wrongful death lawsuit against United Airlines and a private security company despite a federal judge's decision to dismiss the Massachusetts Port Authorit

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Simple Justice

When Harvey Silverglate, notorious civil rights lawyer, says we commit three felonies a day, only those of us who appreciate what he's saying nod our heads. But when that arch bastion of civil liberties, the Wall Street Journal agrees, the message g

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The Agitator

Mom puts three-year-old down for a nap. Mom lays down for a nap herself. Three-year-old gets up, lets herself out, wanders around the neighborhood. Naturally, the local law enforcement idiots charge mom with a crime, in this case child endangerment.