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Criminal Justice System

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Unfortunately, in public pronouncements about the case, the Orange County DA’s office has sometimes given the impression that the office is on the side of the police, even though the police are the criminal suspects. This is unusual. Usually the DA i

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Lew Rockwell

Wendy Olson, the “Justice” Department’s commissarina for legal affairs in Idaho, has dropped criminal charges against Jeremy Hill, the heroic father who shot and killed a grizzly bear that threatened his family. This wasn't done in recognition of Jer

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Russia Today

A woman in the state of New Mexico is asking cops to cover her medical bill after she was ordered by the Metro Narcotics Agency of Las Cruces, NM to undergo a costly cavity search — at her own expense. The woman, whose name is being withheld, was

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The Agitator

A Chicago jury has acquitted Tiawanda Moore of felony eavesdropping. This is of course great news for Moore. Her attorney claims she was protected under an exception to the eavesdropping law that allows someone to record evidence of what she belie