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Drugs and Medications

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Stephen C. Webster via The Raw

The Global Commission on Drug Policy, an assemblage of former national leaders, policy makers and experts, has issued a new report (PDF) that calls the war on drugs “the main reason” for the continuing HIV/AIDS epidemic around the world.

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Mayor Bloomberg has uncharacteristically adjusted New York’s position on marijuana arrests. The move would downgrade marijuana position from an arrestable offense to a fineable one while also increasing ticket revenue and reducing the overcrowded pr

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Bill Clinton he was not. When it came to smoking pot, the teenage Barack Obama had rules. You had to embrace "total absorption" or face a penalty. When you smoked in the car, "the windows had to be rolled up." And he could horn his way in, calling ou

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With chronic diseases continuing to rise, health care costs spiraling out of sight, and research to find "cures" continuing to take in billions each year while acceptable solutions remain "a few years away," a small but growing sector is finding answ

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Heather Catallo

A mother trying to protect her daughter from the harmful effects of a controversial drug was surrounded by the SWAT team after she was reported to CPS for trying to wean her daughter off the drug. Eventually her daughter was kidnapped from her home a