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Drugs and Medications

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday said it has identified a new batch of counterfeit cancer drugs distributed in the United States and is urging doctors to avoid using the products, which contain no active ingredient.

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Written by Jonathan Cox

Currently two of the leading drug suppliers for various cancer drugs are running behind schedule due to such demand and this has been causing some serious issues.

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What I'm increasingly concerned about is whether or not I should be thinking about drugging my kids so they're not at any competitive disadvantage in their respective marketplace (at the moment, grammar school).

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The Pentagon hasn’t come close to solving the PTSD crisis plaguing the current generation of troops. And the top brass looks like it’s ready to try anything — like a major push into a cutting-edge, controversial realm of treatment.

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Village Voice's Toke of the Town

​A registered nurse, formerly employed by a private hospice, has filed a letter of demand over her alleged firing after she revealed she is a card-carrying medical marijuana patient. Her attorney said the matter could be the first-ever Arizona

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The Hals Report

In 1967, leading persons in the field of psychiatry met in Puerto Rico to map out a vision of the future. The vision, to create a range of psychiatric drugs which regulate every aspect of human behavior. Today, over 100 million people worldwide ar

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