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Because we're so unaccustomed to the palms-up position, when we assume it, the effects are felt immediately. There's a sense of momentum carrying the upper body backward opposed to the hunched forward motion we so naturally fall into. It feels as

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Our Wellness Revolution

When we bring up cleansing the body the first question typically centers around how to detox our body. However, we should first know why it is important to detox the body through cleansing. Let's break down the who, what, why and how to detox your

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Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is an essential nutrient that is a member of the B-complex vitamins. B12 is the largest and most structurally complex of all known vitamins.

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Grains are a dietary staple for many people, despite their subpar nutritional status. Wheat and corn are the most consumed grains in the world and their proliferation into the food market makes them almost impossible to avoid.

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In this highly personal talk from TEDMED, magician and stuntman David Blaine describes what it took to hold his breath underwater for 17 minutes -- a world record (only two minutes shorter than this entire talk!) -- and what his often death-defying

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Silver was probably the most powerful antibiotic, antifungal substance known prior to World War II. During this time, silver was ground up into small particles and suspended in a fluid known as colloidal silver.

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Life is full of little ironies, one of them in my case being that I have more time than ever before, now that I have retired from practice, to read medical journals. I find the experience a little unnerving.

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During my endless time in Therapyland, following a stroke earlier this year, I happened to mention how deeply I miss wearing my cowboy boots.

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