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In summary, the GAO presentation was misleading from the beginning. It ignored fundamental facts regarding alien interdiction rates inside the country vs the actual border. It misrepresented Border Patrol legal authority at interior checkpoints in comparison to the actual border. And it brazenly claimed interior checkpoints are needed because ports of entry are designed to be purposefully ineffective so as to not overly burden border traffic and commerce.

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Arizona Republic

One of the findings of a Government Accountability Office draft report was that the Border Patrol hasn't documented how many agents it needs to confront smugglers sneaking around a proposed permanent checkpoint on Interstate 19 in southern Arizona.

Residents near a southern Arizona checkpoint have complained that illegal immigrants and smugglers are flooding their community as they sneak around the roadblock. The Border Patrol operates a checkpoint at an overpass in Tubac, Ariz.

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U.S. House member Nathan Deal introduced a new bill H.R. 1868 to stop 400,000 babies birthed annually by unlawful migrants to gain instant citizenship.  Known as “Jackpot Babies or Anchor Babies”, these children cost U.S. taxpayers billions of dollars annually in medical  as well as educational costs K-12. 

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The U.S. government said it would create a new detention system for immigrants facing deportation, taking control of facilities criticized for their treatment of detainees.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, or ICE, said it was creating an Office of Detention Policy and Planning to design a new civil detention system for the growing number of immigrant detainees.

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The Agitator

It would be easy to dismiss the episode as isolated, but 100 seven-member teams of ICE agents across the country are regularly making similar house calls, usually in the pre-dawn hours, in SWAT-like raids with shotguns and automatic rifles, sometimes crawling through open windows. In place of search warrants issued by a judge, ICE agents carry administrative warrants issued by one of their own officials that require that they “knock and talk” to gain entry into a home, a policy often abused…

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Free Trade Bulletin

The addition of low-skilled immigrants expands the economy, creating openings in higher-paid occupations such as managers, skilled craftsmen, and accountants. Immigration of low-skilled workers motivates Americans, who might otherwise languish in the underclass, to acquire education and skills so they are not competing directly with foreign-born workers.