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Judicial Watch Blog

The nation’s most populous state is on the verge of passing a law to give special driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants who won’t meet the security standards under a federal measure designed to protect the country from terrorists. By 2011 all states must verify the authenticity of every driver’s license applicant by confirming that documents—such as a birth certificate or passport—submitted to get the card are legitimate and that the applicant is in the United States legally

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My name is Arthur W. Bell. My Wife is Airyn R. Bell. We have been Married over (3) Years now and have a (2) Year old Daughter who was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. My Wife is Philippine. In December 2006 she was given a CR1 Visa which was processed by the American Embassy in Manila, Philippines. We arrived in Las Vegas Dec 26, 2006.

In Oct 2008 (Oct 10th, 2008) we sent USCIS a I-751 with evidence of our Marriage and the fee ($545.00). My Wife went to Las Vegas and did the Bio-Metric. We were given case Number WAC0900851515. In early January 2009 we received a notice from the California service center to send MORE evidence. Within a few days we responded with much more evidence, it was RECEIVED by USCIS on Jan 15th 2009 (See POSTAL RECEIPTS - click for enlargement). Then in early March we received a notice that USCIS had not received our additional evidence and moreover that there was NO appeal and it was case CLOSED!

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Fox News

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An 8-year-old New Mexico boy has died and his 10-year-old sister was hospitalized after both contracted bubonic plague, the first recorded human plague cases in the nation so far this year. New Mexico health officials did not immediately say Thursday how the brother and sister contracted the infectious disease, but they are conducting an investigation at the family's residence to determine if there is any risk to other people.

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When it comes to keeping federal entities like Customs and Border Protection at bay, individuals and communities in Washington State continue to lead the way. Below you'll find two articles regarding a Port Townsend, Washington resolution calling for a moratorium on Border Patrol activity in their community until the agency's un-American enforcement practices can be reviewed (and exposed for what they are).

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Those Great Society welfare queens churned out babies faster than a Ford assembly line. Each new baby gave the ‘poor’ mother a car payment, new TV, fashionable clothing, dish washer and unlimited credit. One minority woman in Detroit, Michigan, where I worked in the 70s, 80s and 90s, pumped out 24 children with more than a dozen fathers. Her first three girls birthed their own babies by age 15.

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NY Times

Youssef Samir Megahed toyed with a piece of lint on the other side of the bulletproof glass and described his case as simply “weird.” In April, a federal jury acquitted him on charges of transporting explosives during a road trip with a friend who had packed model rocket propellants in the trunk. But three days later, in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Tampa, Mr. Megahed was arrested again in connection with the case, this time by immigration authorities.