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Just more than a week after Republicans made big gains in congressional elections, former first lady Nancy Reagan is inviting leading contenders for the party's 2012 presidential nomination to a debate next spring. "Ronnie would be thrilled that t

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The New Republic

Yet talk to former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the unorthodox 2012 GOP hopeful, and those rules go out the window. Ask about church, and he says he doesn’t go. “Do you believe in Jesus?” I ask. “I believe he lived,” he replies with a smile. Ask

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Senator-elect Rand Paul (R-KY) probably surprised some Republicans Sunday when he said he would be willing to cut military spending. "Yes, yes," Paul responded when asked if he would vote for defense cuts. In doing so, he highlighted the libertarian

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The PPJ Gazette

Oberstars bill targeted the term “navigable waterways” and replaced each and every instance of that term with the term “waters of the United States” contained in the “Federal Water Pollution Control Act” of 1972. “Waters of the United States” woul

News Link • Global Reported By Marti Oakley
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During WW2 Women ferried Fighter Planes to our Fighter Pilots in Europe,at night,through all kinds of weather..SOLO.Once again it`s a Woman ferrying the Truth. Where are the Fighter Pilots..home with their Kittens?

Letters to the Editor • Global
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Wow, $100 billion in savings! We are more than $1.3 Trillion, or thirteen times, that level in the hole every year! This plan means NOTHING in terms of addressing the actual problem.

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Kentucky Senate hopeful Rand Paul chided fellow Republicans on Sunday evening for contributing to the massive federal budget deficit, candidly telling tea party supporters in his hometown that GOP lawmakers took "the easy way out" by failing to cut s

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Washington Post

Christine O'Donnell's battle with Rep. Mike Castle perhaps embodies the movement's greatest test, because unlike in other races in which the GOP has offered the tea party an awkward embrace, the Republican Party is fighting back.