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I like waffles for breakfast. I don’t much care for people and politicians who waffle. I enjoy wearing sandals but I don’t like flip flops particularly when flip flopping politicians control my money and to a large extent the future of my nine ye

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Real Clear Politics

George Will builds a column upon the significance of this fact. Moreover, Republican Ron Johnson is virtually dead-even with Feingold in the polls. This "Atlas," says Will, is "Running, Not Shrugging." A delightful and encouraging read.

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Me, RiverRat (aka Tres Melton)

The question is who lit the fuse that exploded on Norton when she attempted to address Colorado's Fifth Congressional District Republican Assembly on May 21st, 2010? When was it lit, and why, and did it really need to be? Well, the real question is,

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Recent events since Paul's win in the primary have been cause for concern for me. No, not because of what he has been saying, but because of what he hasn't been saying. An an avid support of Ron Paul during the 2008 primaries and a proud "Phoeni

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Yahoo News

Rand Paul will now have now have to appeal to a broader swath of voters than those who vote in Republican primaries. He'll have a real fight ahead of him but he has a good shot of winning his Kentucky Senate seat in November.