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WAR: About that War

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Published on Saturday, January 14, 2006 by Agence

John Murtha, the top Democrat of the House defense appropriations subcommittee, said late Friday that President George W. Bush would be forced to accept an Iraq pullout plan because inaction will likely result in Republicans losing control of Congres

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Larisa Alexandrovna

The story that was peddled -- which detailed how an Iranian intelligence team infiltrated Iraq prior to the start of the war in March of 2003, and stole enriched uranium to use in their own nuclear weapons program -- was part of an attempt to implica

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ACLU (document links)

The ACLU released new documents obtained from the Defense Department detailing abuse at US facilities in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantánamo Bay. Confirming the existence of a secret “Special Access Program” involving a special ops unit, Task Force 6-26