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Philosophy: Libertarianism

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It should be noted that Rand's latest intensified positioning as a neocon seems to coincide quite closely with his last meeting with super money bags neocon Sheldon Adelson. After that meeting, Rand seemed awfully confident that...

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It has often been hinted that Thiel is a libertarian. This book raises serious questions about that notion. If Thiel does consider himself a libertarian, the book reveals he is not a very well read libertarian, especially in the area...

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Few issues divide libertarians the way the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution does. Gene Healy has observed that "[c]lassical liberals of good faith have found themselves on either side of the issue."

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Target Liberty

Klaus...railed against "unilateral pro-Western propaganda" and offered to help divide Ukraine based upon his own experience in the peaceful division of Czechoslovakia... and for that Cato ditches such a man!

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Thinkers Who Challenged the State / CIA Funding Is Unlimited / Our real royal family / Farming Is the Future, says Jim Rogers / How Close Are We? To war and economic collapse. Article by Paul Craig Roberts

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I have been curious about Love ever since the name of the site came to embody the ideas of Peace, Gold and Love.

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Should the Torture Lobby Be Tortured? / Eric Garner Was 100% Innocent Under Libertarian Law / Dear Plundering Monster-David Stockman writes the Citibank CEO. / Treasury Orders Survival Kits for Bank Examiners