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PC World

Skype 5.0 beta 2 runs on Windows and includes an updated user interface, the company said on its blog. The release doubles the number of people that can be included in a group video call from the five people allowed with Skype 5.0 beta 1, released in

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Beta News

Microsoft co-founder and former executive Paul Allen filed a suit against 11 tech companies on Friday, accusing them of infringement over patents he acquired from the now defunct Internal Research. While Allen had invested in the company, he never pa

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A hacker has discovered a way to force ATMs to disgorge their cash by hijacking the computers inside them. The attacks demonstrated targeted stand-alone ATMs. But they could potentially be used against the ATMs operated by mainstream banks.

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Technology Review (MIT)

Google committed a substantial act of charity on the first day of its annual I/O developers' conference in San Francisco this week, giving away a piece of intellectual property acquired just three months ago at a cost of more than $120 million.