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Police State

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The Local Voluntary

I have to admit. I’m getting a little tired of all the staged police violence. NWO loves Hegelian dialectic. So they amplify the problem until everyone is looking for a solution. And like clockwork, they roll in with their solution and you are still

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ars technica

In 2004, my telephone records, as well as those of another New York Times reporter and two reporters from the Washington Post, were obtained by federal agents assigned to investigate a leak of classified information. What happened next

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A federal court should not permit five leading Internet companies to reveal how often they are ordered to turn over information about their customers in national security investigations, the government argued in papers released Wednesday.

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YouTube via Activist Post via Rense

Another report of foreign troops training on American soil for 'urban warfare' operations - I keep hearing it, but still see no pictures or video of anything but what looks to be militarized US 'police?'...

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Oath Keepers

J.B. Wells was right in there on this one. Coast To Coast listeners - the largest radio listening audience in America - got a generous serving about the police state's use of "emergencies" and the International banksters' capability to create suffici

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Erine, Thank you taking my call and giving me the opportunity to share my service with your audience. Relaid, my mobile app serves nearly 500,000 subscribers from Virginia to Mississippi and is expanding nationwide. It alerts subscribers (via S

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Simple Justice

With her typical clarity, Judge Shira Scheindlin shut down New York City’s attempt to spin her ruling in Floyd v. City of New York, that the execution of the stop & frisk policy violated the rights of millions to nab a handful, with a resounding smac