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Police State

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Lauryn Faulkner, founder of Baltimore, MD Cop Block is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Ladies of Cop Block 2014 Calendar along with 11 other female Cop Blockers: Mary Kate Lords Amanda BillyRock Lindsey Lindhag Janel Florez Toni Bon

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The problem is big, but there’s an easy solution. All politics is local. We’ve forgotten that. It’s time to go local. Your police, sheriff, city council, they all took an oath to protect your rights. It’s time to hold them to it. We’ve been fighting

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Reason Magazine

The US kidnapped a Libyan off a public street in Tripoli. They did not have a warrant for his arrest, did not have the permission of the Libyan government to carry out this kidnapping, and were unlawfully present bearing arms in public in Libya.

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“The wicked flee where none gives pursuit,” the Book of Proverbs instructs us. In similar fashion, an imperial elite that cultivates hostility on a global scale lives under the perpetual and well-deserved expectation of retaliation – which is why it

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Ilija Trojanov was at the airport in Brazil’s Salvador da Bahia, on September 30, checking in for his flight to the United States, when the person behind the American Airlines counter told him that the computer had issued a “Border Security Crossing”

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“Dread Pirate Roberts”, clean-cut Ross William Ulbricht wore jail-issued red shirt and pants and ankle restraints before a U.S. magistrate judge. He conferred with his court-appointed attorney, then scanned the packed courtroom gallery before facing