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Police State

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Under communist rule, the Russian police spied on people, collecting files to use against them. Neighbors were encouraged to report on neighbors. Ivutin sees similarities between what happened in Russia and what is happening here.

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Free Press Publications

There has recently been a war-of-words in the Republican Party between NJ Governor Chris Christie and people he considers to be “libertarian.” During a recent panel discussion at the Aspen Institute, Christie said the strain of liberarianism is a “ve

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Scott Boman said he was isolated in handcuffs without water to keep him from attending a candidate forum. Scotty Boman, a candidate for Detroit clerk, was assaulted by police and left alone in handcuffs and without water in a closet-sized room for

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Alessandro Fusillo

Starting from July 2013, but stretching back to 2011, a new law by the Italian Republic has come into force that not only enables the Italian tax offices to have free access to all data stored in the bank accounts in Italy, but also compels the banks

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Washington Post

Obama administration officials faced deepening skepticism about a far-reaching counterterrorism program that collects millions of Americans’ phone records, as they released newly declassified documents in an attempt to spotlight privacy safeguards.

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Attorney For Freedom

To be clear, Thomas Jefferson is one of my heroes. I find the man fascinating for many reasons. He is solidly in the top tier of historic people I would have liked to meet. Although I disagree with him on some points, much of what he said I agree wit

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Lew Rockwell blog

Dr. Thomas S. Szasz on the heavy-handed attempt by the federal government to involuntarily commit former Major General Edwin Walker for his political views. Szasz was approached to assist in fighting the General’s imprisonment.

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The illusion of normalcy is almost in the rear view mirror in regard to our previous way of life in the US. Even those who have the most virulent cases of normalcy bias, will soon be beyond their self-deluded ability to deny what has happened to our

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