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Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

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The Agitator

The town’s police had been pulling over motorists along a main highway, seizing their property (cars, cash, jewelry, etc.), then presenting them with an unsavory bargain: Sign a waiver forfeiting all of their property over to the police, or be arrest

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Phoenix New Times

The case against the Weathermen is far from complete. Still, given the multiple witnesses tying the group's former members to the killing of a police officer, some investigators say they are troubled by the impunity with which Ayers and Dohrn have pe

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Atlanta Journal Constitution

Kimia McMoore, 34, said she was talking to her daughter on her Bluetooth cell phone outside her apartment on North Hill Parkway when Fraser began harassing her.

According to a police report, Fraser asked McMoore who she was talking to and she pointed to her Bluetooth. Fraser then followed her to her car and attempted to detain her, McMoore told police.

McMoore said she pushed Fraser away and the two continued to argue. She called 911.

That's when Fraser left momentarily and called for back-up, claiming the woman was being disorderly. He returned with a set of handcuffs and placed a cuff on the woman's right wrist, the report states.


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National Motorists Association

There are many small-town speed traps across the country, but Jericho, Arkansas may be one of the most outrageous speed traps out there. A big reason why speed trap towns are able to stay in business for years is that they generally leave the locals alone. After all, if the tickets are going to out-of-towners, there’s no reason for the local citizens to be upset.

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Steve Lombardi

Does bad judgment or rude behavior by any citizen justify the use of force of an electric shock by the police in America?

Here we go again, another officer with poor or nonexistent communication skills using the Taser in a manner unacceptable in a free society. This new report comes from not New York City where you expect rude behavior to be the norm, but from the wild west of Glenrock, Wyoming.

Wasn’t it the Bush Administration that coined the phrase, “Freedom isn’t free.”? I’m left to wonder, free of what; free of excessive force from our own police force? Just going through the airport in America I’m made to feel like a criminal in ways you won’t feel going through airports in Europe. In Russia you get robbed over luggage charges but you expect it. In America we now get not just robbed by Wall Street, but there is a growing trend of being mugged by our own police forces.

Like many of the reports seen on YouTube and

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Family members said this week that Atlantic high school officials forced five teenage girls to remove their clothes during an investigation into a theft.  The girls' families and their lawyers said the incident at Atlantic High School amounts to a strip-search, which is illegal in Iowa schools.  But school officials said the search was "allowable" under board rules.

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Milwaukee police dept. was receiving assistance from Britain's National Policing Improvement Agency with experience in serial murder investigations and cases that relied heavily on DNA evidence.

"The fact that someone's DNA was there or not there by itself doesn't solve the case. [but] It gives us a terrific lead."

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Cops are here to keep us safe by killing 10-year-old kids on bicycles while tearing down the road at at 30 mph over the posted speed limit with no lights and no sirens on.

If you or I slammed into a 10 year old on a bicycle while doing 70mph in a 40mph zone on a major thoroughfare like Belt Line, we’d be crucified in the press and locked away for years on a vehicular homicide charge. But since Senior Corporal Michael Vaughn is a cop, even though he admittedly violated established policies for safe driving and killed a 10-year-old child through his recklessness, he gets Internally Investigated and given a one day vacation from his job.

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