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Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

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Lew Rockwell

Todashev called for an investigation and possible legal action against the agent involved in killing his unarmed son where he showed the images of his son's body in a morgue with 7 gunshot wounds, including one to the back of the head.

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Sheriffs and peace officers from across the country will be meeting with likeminded supporters for a national convention focused on one goal: restoring constitutional rule in the United States of America.

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by William N. Grigg (Pro Liberate)

Sheriff Womack, who is facing multiple lawsuits and criminal charges involving illegal strip-searches of young women conducted during traffic stops over a period of about two years.

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Colorado sheriffs upset with gun restrictions adopted in the aftermath of last year's mass shootings filed a federal lawsuit Friday, challenging the regulations as unconstitutional. The lawsuit involves sheriffs from 54 of Colorado's 64 counties,

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Lew Rockwell blog

One of the videos eyewitnesses shot with a cell-phone while cops beat David Sal Silva to death in Kern County, California, has “disappeared” now that the phones are in the sheriff’s department’s custody.