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Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

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Photography Is Not a Crime

When Bruce stepped in front of the judge to be tried this week, the judge refused to watch the video that came from a surveillance camera from the back of a police transport vehicle. As a result, Judge Theresa Counts Burke found him not guilty.

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The CBS affiliate in El Dorado County, California,expressed surprise when it reported that County Sheriff John D’Agostini stripped agents of the U.S. Forest Service of their law-enforcement powers in his county. Wrote D’Agnostini: I take the [s

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youtube (h/t Lew Rockwell blog)

Police came barging into a woman's home because they wanted to arrest the owner for the length of her lawn. A tenant, Robyn Ruckman, recorded the encounter. As she answered the door, police treated her rudely and started making demands.