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If things get bad, you will probably want to stay put – if where you are when things go bad is a relatively safe area. But what if you need to bug out? And how about staying mobile in a S hitting the F scenario?

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Nürburgring times are the yardstick that all new performance cars are measured. A lap under 10 minutes is good. Anything under eight minutes is astounding. But the new benchmark for the next generation of hybrid hypercars is seven minutes.

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Never ones to turn down a chance to sing about vehicles, we can’t help but take a little inspiration from Zager and Evans: "In the year 2025, if man is still alive, if race cars can survive, what will we find?" The Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challe

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ars technica

The product, named the RF Safe-stop, works by sending an RF pulse to a car at up to 165 feet away. The pulse “confuses” the car’s electronic systems, which made the “dashboard warning lights and dial erratic.” The engine then stalls, and the

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Washington Post

A commuter train that derailed over the weekend, killing 4 passengers, was hurtling at 82 mph as it entered a 30 mph curve, a federal investigator said. But whether the wreck was the result of human error or mechanical trouble was unclear,