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When the weather turns warm and the sun blazes down on your shoulders, it's time to hit the waves. For some, that means waxing up the ol' surfboard. For others, the man-made waves of the water park suffice. For the thrill-seeking set, however, not mu

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Ford is giving Americans a choice: Either you can be a self-absorbed Cadillac owner who spends his entire life working so he can buy expensive things, or a civic-minded Ford owner who pours her heart and soul into a project aimed at making the world

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Back in the days of personal transportation yore, Segway was the belle of the ball. This self-balancing electric transport was even once viewed as the future of all individual transport. Since then this one-time grande dame of the balance-driven scoo

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New York League of Conservation Voters President Marcia Bystryn sent an email to supporters Tuesday accusing lawmakers in the state Assembly of trying to "sneak" through a bill that would "kill the electric car by effectively shutting down Tesla."

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Car dealers fear Tesla. In states across the country, powerful car dealer associations have lobbied to ensure the electric car maker and its direct-sales model are kept out. This movement claimed another victory this week when New Jersey banned Tesla

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Electric car manufacturer Tesla has been in discussions for some time with the New Jersey Government and Motor Vehicle Commission about the implementation of its direct dealership model. This week the Administration, following suit with Texas and Ari

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At last year's Geneva Motor Show, rather than a car, Subaru debuted what looked like a wing-flapping pig on wheels. The concept was called the Viziv, and its back again this year, thankfully with smaller scissor doors. The Viziv 2 is Subaru's newest

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This segment of the Praxis Series is fairly specific in its scope, and focus. I will not cover repair, or maintenance of all-mechanical Diesels. Nor will I cover lift kits, Diesel tuning, or high-speed go-fast stuff. That said, I will be more than ha

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