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The world's longest aircraft, consisting of part airship, part helicopter and part plane, has been unveiled and could be the key to greener more efficient planes in future as developers predict one day there could be as many of the hybrids as there a

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AirFish-8 (ex. Flightship FS8) is a 17m wing-in-ground craft constructed by the Airfoil Development (AFD) in the Germany as a prototype craft for commercial production.

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There's a reason the Lotus Motorcycles C-01 looks like it might have driven out of the Tron universe and into the real world: Its designer, Daniel Simon, builds bikes for movies and created the light cycles for the 2010 sequel Tron Legacy. This isn'

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Tesla shares are up a whopping 16% after hours to $224.44. This comes after the company beat Q4 earnings and on its 2014 forecast.