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I live in California, home to all sorts of environmental nonsense. We couldn’t build our house where we wanted to because of a tiny plant you can hardly see and a grasshopper that might – just might – live there.

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Israel's first batch of natural gas begins flowing through underwater pipe en route to Ashdod intake center, where it is expected to arrive in 30 hours; Israel begins move to energy independence

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Mercedes-Benz is finally getting into the attainable electric-vehicle game with the B-Class Electric Drive, a compact Benz with a 115-mile range, a four-hour charge time and a price considerably cheaper than the awesome all-electric gullwing supercar

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Washington Post

Government subsidies of gasoline, electricity and other energy sources amount to about $1.9 trillion a year and should be ended or offset with taxes used to battle climate change and pay for social programs, the International Monetary Fund said

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