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On January 29, the village officially opened, and its first residents settled in. Each house had cost about $10,000 to build, a fraction of what it would have cost to house the men in a new apartment building.

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izmag has featured several low-cost bamboo housing prototypes before, including the Blooming Bamboo home and the Bamboo Lakou vision for Haiti, but the units designed for this project are on a much smaller scale. The two-story prototype unit featured

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Watch Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips quickly construct a building made of concrete canvas—a material that has all the elements of concrete, but is flexible enough to be turned into any shape.

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Trap doors and secret passages are usually associated with moldy, ancient castles or creaky old money manor houses, but Spanish architecture firm Elii has managed to pack a tiny, 620 square-foot attic loft in Madrid with a bevy of space-saving contra

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Technology will see lunar soil layers built up in a pre-determined design System will work like a giant 3D printer using a nozzle and moveable gantry Could create curved walls and architecture that is 'exotic' and 'beautiful' Aside from buildings

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