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The House Financial Services Committee (HFSC), headed by chair Jeb Hensarling, has approved proposed bill entitled, “Protecting American Taxpayers and Homeowners Act” (PATH) that is being sold to the American public as a way “to create a sustainable

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In 1985, architect Paul Pholeros was challenged by the director of an Aboriginal-controlled health service to "stop people getting sick" in a small indigenous community in south Australia. The key insights: think beyond medicine and fix the local env

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Posted on June 20, 2013 by Neil Garfield Danielle

The propaganda from the banks has been far-reaching. Even if they devised a scheme to fraudulently throw away a homeowner’s hope at a modification, they are still pursuing the “deadbeat” homeowner argument. The essence is that the homeowner was no

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Here is a simple way to test if the last year of housing market gains have been due to a real, fundamental, consumer-led recovery, or nothing but the latest iteration of the Fed's money bubble machine manifesting itself in the place of least du jour

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Those who recall about the implicit housing subsidy we discussed when we coined the term "foreclosure stuffing" which is merely the well-planned systemic bottleneck to clearing foreclosed properties already in the system,

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Concrete Canvas Shelters are rapidly deployable hardened shelters that require only water and air for construction.

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Anna Marie Kingsley and Malcolm Batchelor knew nothing about design or power generation when they embarked on building their virtually self-sufficient family home in the Wairarapa valley.