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by Wendy McElroy

This news item reads like a scene from Atlas Shrugged: Record grain harvests on the Prairies are straining Western Canada's transportation system as farmers struggle to get their bumper crop to west coast export terminals.

Article Image, By: Jeff Cox

To the surprise of virtually no one, the Federal Reserve kept its cheap-money policy in place, but markets interpreted language in the decision to mean that the end may come sooner than expected.

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When the Federal Government came shut down this month, many economists predicted the price of gold would rise. When it did not do so, many analysts began to question if the value of gold was being artificially manipulated. Many investors believ

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The basic predicament we are in is that the current crop of leaders in the halls of monetary and political power does not appear to understand the dimensions of our situation. The mind-boggling part about all this is that it's not all that hard to gr

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China is concerned with its US treasury holdings worth up to $1.2 trillion after Washington’s spectacle earlier this month over its fiscal policies that pushed the world’s economy into a crises. “The move, along with other agreements on financial co

Article Image, By Simon Kennedy & Jeff Kearns

The Bank of Canada’s dropping of language about the need for future interest-rate increases and today’s decisions by central banks in Norway, Sweden and the Philippines to leave their rates on hold unite them with counterparts in reinforcing rather t