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The lingering impact of the Wall Street crash of 2008 to 2010 has devastated the job market for young college grads. The government debt piled on to bail out Wall Street has killed the prospects for the next generation’s standard of living. Now, Wall

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Certainly no slouch, Goldman Sachs is holding up its end in the busting of public confidence in U.S. financial markets. One of its former salesmen, Fabrice Tourre, was found guilty earlier this month of six counts of securities fraud, including one c

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As everyone knows (since the data is public), in the most recent week the Fed's balance sheet rose to a record $3.646 trillion, an increase of $61 billion in the past week, and a record increase of $813 billion over the past year, a whopping 30% rise

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There is one problem with the Fed's plan that bond yields will progress ever higher in calm, cool and collected fashion from here to 3%, 4%, 5% and onward: it assumes that those who don't sell today, will patiently await turn to sell (with much bigge

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According to Austrian Business Cycle Theory, when a central bank slows its money printing that has fueled a manipulated stock market boom, the stock market is very vulnerable to a crash.Murray Rothbard in his book America’s Great Depression explained

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How would America ever survive without the central planners in the Obama administration and at the Federal Reserve? What in the world would we do if there was no income tax and no IRS? Could the U.S. economy possibly keep from collapsing under such

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