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Two weeks ago, the generally cheerful investing icon Jeremy Grantham unleashed fire and brimstone, taking his $7.5BN portfolio to a net short position for the first time since the financial crisis, and summarizing his dire assessment of the current u

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Ricky Varandas (Ripple Effect) on questioning everything/ anything in hopes to provoke thought & start a RIPPLE EFFECT - Harry Vox (Investigative Journalist on current Events - Peter Schiff (Schiff Gold) on the economy - Phranq Tamburri

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And then it happened. A vicious sell off seemingly out of the blue putting a sudden end to the steepest rally ever with many indices and individual stocks getting hammered seeing sizable declines just as Nasdaq was making new all time highs and $SPX

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Urban communities all over the U.S. are now facing the possibility of a mass exodus of businesses, and many local leaders are freaking out because they realize what such a mass exodus will mean for their cities.

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With war erupting between Wall Street's "legacy" professional investors (headed by, say, hedge funds and Warren Buffett) and retail daytraders (the army of Robinhooders whose self-appointed king is the trading community's celebrity du jour Dave "I am