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Michael Belfiore (Author, Speaker, Journalist) on the private space race - Charles Goyette (Author, Speaker) provides an update on the economy/future - Tatiana Moroz (Singer, Songwriter) talks about the Latin American Bitcoin Conference, her new Bitc

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ForeignPolicy.Com/Michael Belfiore

Every generation or so, a visionary comes along and completely revolutionizes an industry, even an entire economy. Henry Ford and Thomas Edison are two who come to mind. To a lesser extent, so does Steve Jobs. To this group I would add Elon Musk.

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Popular Mechanica/Michael Belfiore

The nonprofit group that intends to send the first humans to Mars has announced that its first mission will be unmanned. The plan is to launch an orbiter and a lander to be built by established aerospace companies by 2018. Now it just has to raise th