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Powell Gammill (Senior Editor of Freedom's Phoenix) comes in studio for three hours to discuss a variety of issues, including gardening, space travel/exploration - Michael Belfiore (Author, Journalist, Speaker) summarizes the Falcon 9 Launch and the

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ESA has announced the inauguration of its “Ham TV” broadcasts from its Columbus laboratory module on the International Space Station (ISS), which will allow the station to talk to amateur radio operators using video equipment, as well as providing sp

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Roscosmos chief said construction of first stage of rocket is underway Second stage is to build a rocket capable of lifting 120 tonnes into space It will rival Nasa's Space Launch System scheduled to launch in 2017 Earlier this month, Russia said t

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The votes are in with NASA announcing the winner of its Z-2 spacesuit design challenge. For the challenge, the public was invited to choose one of three alternative designs for a new prototype spacesuit with the “Technology” option winning with 233,4