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"We're not aware of anything that would cause a mission failure, but in order to ensure the highest possible level of mission assurance we decided to conduct additional inspections of the launch vehicle," said Emily Shanklin, a SpaceX spokesperson.

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The year 2013 marked an incredible one for spaceflight, with space agencies around the world making giant leaps in their own exploration of the solar system, while NASA welcomed the addition of a new commercial cargo ship to its list of supplies for

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There is not a lot of art on the Moon. Astronauts have left behind flags and photographs, but almost nothing with the specific intention of placing an artistic object on the lunar surface. The one exception was this 3.5 inch tall aluminum statue of a

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A cosmic census got under way this morning as ESA’s Gaia mission lifted off atop a Soyuz–Fregat from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana at 9:12:19 AM GMT (10:12:19 AM CET).

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The biggest advance came when the Gemini astronauts started doing spacewalks and the suits had to be modified with more flexible joints and gauntlets, so the astronauts wouldn’t be floating around looking like crouching balloons, and could get in and

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China touches down on the Moon, finishing a distant third in the decades-long space race marathon. (03:33) (Surprise at 2:00)