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Article Image News Link • Global, by Natasha Lomas

Want to charge your phone from flat to full in 30 seconds? Who doesn’t. But don’t get too excited yet — Israeli startup StoreDot‘s bio-organic fast-charging battery tech, which utilizes quantum dot technology, is only a prototype right now.

Article Image News Link • Global, By Greg Miller

As a boy growing up in India, Manu Prakash once undertook a DIY pyrotechnics experiment that didn’t quite go as planned. He managed to start a fire and burn his hand. “I had an extreme chemistry experience,” said Prakash, who’s now a bioengineer at S

Article Image News Link • Global, By Jerry Adler

One month after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished, search officials said the Australian navy ship Ocean Shield has twice detected signals that may be coming from the airplane’s black box data recorder. The signal is at the same frequency used by

Article Image News Link • Global, Colin Druce-McFadden

Ever since the modular smartphone first showed up, people have been clamoring for its release. Since it was first conceived as Phonebloks and then built by Motorola, the world's first modular smartphone has gone through a few iterations. With a revea

Article Image News Link • Global, Dylan Love

Times are complicated in Venezuela right now. Citizens are protesting the government in response to rising inflation and increased criminal violence (such as the high-profile murder of Monica Spear, former Miss Venezuela). Meanwhile, the Venezuelan g