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Jason Humphreys has been arrested in Florida, accused of operating a mobile cell phone jammer from his car. The 60 year old was allegedly so upset about use of cell phones in cars that he decided to take matters into his own hands. Police claim H

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Flying cars. Jet packs. Replicators. We don't have any of these things, and it's depressing. But we do have laser cannons, which means that we haven't entirely failed as a technological society. Lockheed Martin has successfully demonstrated a weapons

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There are a burgeoning number of ways to receive content streamed from the internet to your living room TV, and no single provider is proving significantly dominant.

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Thirty years after virtual-reality goggles and immersive virtual worlds made their debut, the technology finally seems poised for widespread use.

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Thirty-nine million people in the world are blind, and the majority lost their sight due to curable and preventable diseases. But how do you test and treat people who live in remote areas, where expensive, bulky eye equipment is hard to come by?

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One of the best parts of our jobs here at WIRED is that we get to test all the new things as soon as they come out. But we often only get a few days to play with something before having to write about it. That can be difficult–getting a clear assessm