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If the recent batch of movie trailers are any indication, Spider-Man needs all the help he can get nowadays. So if you've ever dreamed of being the "Bucky" to Peter Parker's "Cap," take special note: the web-shooter is now (more or less) a reality.

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Harrison Jacobs and Ashley Lutz

Procter & Gamble Co is getting ready to release a new Gillette razor in the battle for men's faces. Their newest innovation, according to marketing documents obtained by The Wall Street Journal, is a swiveling-ball hinge that allows the blade to pivo

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If sci-fi is any meter by which to judge these things, firing lasers at planets is usually a pretty disastrous idea. Thankfully, though, there's no sign that the Galactic Empire has taken charge of the International Space Station (ISS), since that's

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Augmented reality (AR) headsets are officially a reality today, with any U.S. resident now able to pick up their own Google Glass (today only). Now that it looks like the long-awaited world of wearables is coming into its own, the folks in the tech i

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Lens has camera built in Could be developed to help the blind see and give them guidance Could also give wearer 'supervision' with ability to zoom Could shrink Glass to fit on a pair on lenses Firm already developing lenses with screen and medica

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Last week we talked about the many survival uses of the tampon. But unless he specifically packed one in a bag or car, a man’s unlikely to have one on him in a pinch. So today we’re going to explore the survival uses of an everyday item you’re much m

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Newcastle University has recently begun a field trial to see whether Google Glass will be able to assist people with Parkinson's. In this case Newcastle University was gifted five pairs of Glass which researchers are using to see whether they can be