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One day after the speaker of Transdniestria's separatist parliament, during a trip to Moscow, urged Russia to incorporate his mainly Russian-speaking region, which split away from Moldova in 1990. Moldovan President Timofti said Russia would be

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Vladimir Putin seems to have lost touch with reality, Angela Merkel reportedly told Barack Obama after speaking with the Russian president. He is “in another world.”

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►Kremlin: If The US Tries To Hurt Russia's Economy, Russia Will Target The Dollar "If we didn't re-instate them into the swift system (and Russia would, in retaliation, reject the petro-dollar and allow other trade currencies) then the ENTIRE

Article Image, By Jack D. Douglas

The U.S. Global Empire is rotting at its core, disintegrating, destroying the heart of America–the love of freedom and the Constitution, and dying worldwide.

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A story that appeared recently in Libération, the left-wing French newspaper in financial difficulty, seemed to me to capture the spirit of our times very well.

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2 weeks after Russian troops seized their peninsula, Crimeans voted to leave Ukraine and join Russia, overwhelmingly approving a referendum that sought to unite the strategically important Black Sea region with the country it was part of for 250 year

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She learned to read, then for a challenge she taught herself Spanish – at the tender age of 2. Her parents took her to the doctor, where IQ tests put her in the top 2% of test-takers, with an IQ of 160 – the same as Albert Einstein’s. Her doctors tol

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