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Mike Masnick on techdirt points us to some dangerous and incomplete thinking from Judge Richard Posner on his blog. At the bottom, Posner writes: Expanding copyright law to bar online access to copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s consent, or to bar linking to or paraphrasing copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s consent, might be necessary to keep free riding on content financed by online newspapers from so impairing the incentive to create costly news-gathering operations that news services like Reuters and the Associated Press would become the only professional, nongovernmental sources of news and opinion.

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Anthony T. reviewed this video. A great documentry, even if you dont listen to Metal. Well done, very informative. The main stream media fails to show us what everyday Iraqi's go through just to exist, in this war torn land. It was interesting to for me to hear there perspective about what has happened to there nation since 2003.   As far as the metal goes. I would mosh and bang my head at there show. m/ And a comment to the last "review" by Dylan S.You obviously did not even pay attention to any of the film makers commentary. And No you can't "sympathize with their situation" Until.... Salt lake, UT, has daily suicide bombers, snipers, kidnappings..... decades of war with Iran, Dictatorships.... You know?? Things of that nature.  

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Infowars Moneybomb has exceeded expectations. As of Saturday, the moneybomb has raised more than $275,000 and supporters continue to pledge.

Last year, thanks to your donations, Alex was able to build a new studio and grow his office and staff. This expansion brought the message of liberty and resistance against the New World Order plan for planetary domination to a new and exciting level.

It allowed Alex to release his latest film, The Obama Deception, soon after Lord Obama, the anointed minion of the global elite, was installed in office. The Obama Deception continues to have an enormous effect in waking people up and revealing Obama for what he is — a front man for the ruling elite. It has stripped away the carefully manufactured myth that Obama is a man of the people when in fact he is nothing more than a tool cynically used by international bankers.


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Craigslist’s new policy barring the publication of erotic ads has not only saved lives and stopped prostitution, it’s also saving the dying newspaper industry. After the site announced last month under pressure that it would no longer publish erotic ads, sales of erotic ads in local alternative weekly newspapers have soared, according to the Washington City Paper. The paper reports its own sales of adult ads was up 38 percent in the first week of May as criticism against Craigslist was heating up, compared to the same time last year. Minneapolis’ City Pages says its adult ad sales have almost doubled. And SF Weekly in San Francisco had 160 adult ads the week before Craigslist’s policy went into affect but clocked in with 910 ads last week. Craigslist withdrew erotic ads after a 22-year-old Boston medical student allegedly murdered a woman who advertised erotic services on the web site. A week earlier, a New York City radio reporter was found murdered after placing an ad on Cra