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Reddit, a news comment site, interviews the congressman, 2008 presidential candidate and doctor from the state of Texas, Ron Paul about the things reddit readers want to know.  The questions are diverse and as always Dr. Ron Paul gives his answers and I am sure they are nothing like the questioner had in mind they would be. Dr. Paul explains his answers in the light of liberty, Freedom and Property Rights.   It is so enjoyable to listen to Dr. Ron Paul fully explaining his positions.

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I am definitely of the opinion that those who surf the internet are far more informed then those who watch the Communist nightly news. Have you ever heard of Informed Citizens News? It is a broadcast that tells you news you will not hear nightly. This is the most recent broadcast I can find it covers Deficit Spending, Fascism in California, Home Schooling to name a few of the issues. From the broadcast... So far this year our government has taken in $1.7 Trillion Dollars but has spent more then $3 Trillion Dollars that is a $1.8 Trillion Dollar deficit in the first 9 months. What makes this a Perilous situation is that the tax receipts are down almost 20% from last year. Corporate income taxes are down 57% this is the largest percent since the last Great Depression. Our government has accumulated as much debt this year alone as we did during the first 210 years. Here are some news stories you should see on the nightly news but won't!

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Phoenix New Times

The adult business isn't what it used to be, especially in the San Fernando Valley outside Los Angeles, the long-reigning capital of porn in America. But luckily for Thomas, her new company's based in a place considered the next big hotspot for pornography: metropolitan Phoenix.

 Thomas says her company pays more than many companies in the San Fernando Valley — about $2,000 for a boy-girl scene, whereas talent in L.A. might get half that in the current economy.

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Financial Times

Rupert Murdoch has vowed to charge for all the online content of his newspapers and television news channels, going well beyond his prediction in May that the company would test pay models on one of its stronger papers within the year.

The comments by News Corp's chairman came as he predicted a "high single digit" rebound in the group's operating profits next year. The worst of the media sector slump might be behind the company, he said, as he reported "some good signs of life" in advertising.

Newspaper and television revenues would be down "very low double digits" next year, but growth in cable properties such as Fox News would leave advertising revenues flat and total revenue up 4 per cent.

News Corp put the seal on a brutal fiscal year with a fourth- quarter net loss of $203m (£119m), dragged down by $680m in impairment and restructuring charges at Fox Interactive Media, whose MySpace social networking s

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Freedom’s Phoenix Decides to Stab me in the back  - Yes, I do intend to call the FBI office here in Detroit Monday. (Not tomorrow as I originally wrote.) Yes, I have seen questionable content on that site, that made me a little jittery and would give the FBI a reason to want to talk to Ernie. ( Wow... You can't make this stuff up :)

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Subject: Your Web site is complete garbage; your view of Obama puts you in the light of Bush croney (the true root and cause of this country's peril) Interesting. Bush, your favorite president judging from the lack of images of the insane coke user on your Web site, puts this country in the toilet and the one person qualified to take it out through bold moves gets your crap. But the truth is transparent. And if the current president had done absolutely nothing bold fools like you would have had a field day, the same way you are now. -----Original Message----- From: B A [mailto:?????????????] Sent: Friday, July 24, 2009 2:32 PM To: Subject: Your Web site is complete garbage; your view of Obama puts you in the light of B

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