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AZ Capital Times

The irony here is rich. Let's bitch about the size and scope of government and then use a government bureaucracy to do fundraising. And to whom do they give the money? There are a lot of so called 'tea party' groups out there, which one gets th

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Phoenix Tea Party Ron Paul the Key note speaker is being interviewed on KFNX by Steve Kates. Ron Paul states that a large majority of the elites in Washington have no idea how bad it is for the the people out there. They just continue to spin their w

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(Send this to your Legiscritters) After sucking money out of the local economy, Redflex and American Traffic Solutions virtually launder [their] stolen funds through pseudo-local offices… and back to their respective faceless investment banks (Goldma

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Arizona Republic

Phoenix activist Salvador Reza was arrested and accused of trespassing at the State Capitol Thursday afternoon. Reza and one other activist, Anayanse Garza, were taken to the Maricopa County Fourth Avenue Jail around 5 p.m., though authorities have n

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Arizona may become the first state to require lenders to prove they have the right to foreclose by providing a complete list of any previous owners of the mortgage, under a bill passed yesterday by its Senate. The legislation, which is headed to

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Tenth Amendment Center

Late last week, the Arizona Senate passed Senate Bill 1178, the Intrastate Commerce Act. The bill provides that all services performed in the state, and all goods grown or made here for consumption within Arizona “are not subject to the authority of

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Becky Chandler

If Arizona's politicians want to restore the state's economy they would be well-advised to conjure up the ghost of Barry Goldwater. On specific economic matters they should do a remake of the “Miracle of Chile” and put the Goldwater Institute in ch

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Tempe businessman Brian Epstein says he just wants to be patriotic by decorating his car wash with red, white and blue stars and stripes for Presidents Day. The city says his star-spangled signs are illegal, no matter how much they may remind people