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On Wednesday night’s show, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart shamed authorities in Oakland who used tear gas, rubber bullets, bean-bag bullets, concussion grenades, flashbombs, sound cannons or other forceful methods to disburse protesters.

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Guys, this Occupy Wall Street thing kinda took me by surprise even though I was prepared for it by such of our scholars like Gerald Celente and I didn't see this wave coming but I know what a wave feels like. You can let your feet come off the floor

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The Vatican has called for a central bank for the world along with a global tax on transactions. It seems to us that it becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to deny the collusion between the great central banking families and their enablers and

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“Titled “The Ordinance to Protect the Health and Integrity of the Local Food System,” Sedgwick’s 4 pg document invokes the town’s right to self-governance, and states that local producers and processors may sell food to consumers without licensing.”

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Anthony Wile focuses on the two sides of the Occupy Wall Street protests. The bad news is the lack of focus, especially on central banking. The good news is the protest is vibrant and growing every day, thus giving real economic education a chance.

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