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The Economist

ON MAY 25th a dysfunctional minor party picked a grumpy ex-Republican as its presidential candidate. This may be just another quirk in the quirky history of the Libertarian Party. But it just might be something more than this: a further sign that the

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In 2004, the Economist was the first magazine to take the hammer and tongs to Libertarian Party presidential candidate Michael Badnarik. The candidate's staff hurried to purge damaging and weird material from his web site after he, surprisingly,

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The Independent (music video)

Barr famously licked whipped cream off the breasts of two women at a charity event while running for Congress in 1994. [He's got my vote! Here are some volunteers making your first TV commercial Bob.]

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Who's to blame for the biggest financial catastrophe of our time? There are plenty of culprits, but one candidate for lead perp is former Sen. Phil Gramm. Eight years ago, as part of a decades-long anti-regulatory crusade, Gramm pulled a sly legi

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by Darren Wolfe

(Publisher's Note: I'll have a great deal to say about the LPUS convention late next week [we'll see if Barr keeps some promises]. This article is a very good summary. Bottomline: The LP no-compromisers did much better than you might t

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Classically Liberal

It is with a heavy heart that I report the death of the Libertarian Party. It was only 36 years old -- far too young to die. And while there is some dispute over whether the death was self-inflicted or murder, the death itself was tragic and sad.

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Michelle L

Please don’t act surprised, we both know it’s been over for a long time — it’s just that now, after Denver; I can’t pretend otherwise. Some people are thrilled when their exes make fools of themselves — fortunately for you, I am not one of them. That

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King George and the Manchurian Candidate visit Mesa Phoenix and the whole town comes out to greet them and tell them what a wonderful job they are doing with the unconstitutional War and genocide going on in Iraq. We appreciate the tripling of the pr

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The Hill

Federal agents interviewed staffers for likely Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) as part of their corruption case against Rep. Rick Renzi (R-Ariz.).

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So, if you’re one of the less than 2% who dutifully cast their ballots for the party of "liberty" in America, or one of the small fraction of those involved in Libertarian Party politics, do yourself a favor: save yourself the time.