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Jm Davidson and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster discuss Freedom Interactive Television - Christina Tobin (Free & Equal) on their arbitration demand against the Regents of the University of California (UCLA) - Chris Duane (Silver Shield) on the precious meta

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In this economic climate, lots of folks are wondering how to protect their money. Some people are forced to invest in retirement funds by their employers, others play the market, some invest on their own, and nearly everyone has checking and savings

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Planetary Resources is planning to mine the asteroids in the 2020s. Planetary Resources delivered the Arkyd-6 spacecraft, their second technology demonstrator. The spacecraft has officially begun its journey to the launch pad. In the weeks leading up

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I know just enough about the palladium market to get myself into some serious trouble - which means, I don't know much. But this morning, the popular trader Kid Dynamite tweeted about a surprising development in the palladium futures market.

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Senate Bill 1141 (2016) was the latest effort to cut taxes on trading in U.S.-issued coins considered legal tender. It allows state deductions on capital gains taxes that must be paid to the federal government. (New Bill on his desk again... deadline

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