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Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden

The price of nickel went up even before Russia invaded Ukraine, reflecting the increasing demand for electric vehicle batteries and stainless steel. The price soared after the war started, since Russia produces 23 percent of the world's high-qualit

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Until yesterday, it appeared that a bailout plan for Chinese stainless steel titan Tsingshan Holding Group owned by "Big Shot" Xiang Guangda (and which was facing an $8 billion nickel margin call following the explosive surge in Nickel prices which

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Two days ago we reported that while "plain vanilla" commodity producers such as coal giant Peabody had no choice but to pay up on their commodity margin calls (which they funded with an expensive, 11%, Goldman credit facility), others such as Chinese

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Aluminum prices on the London Metal Exchange hit a 10-year high Tuesday, extending a year-long vertical surge as demand rebounds and supply shrinks, as smelters in top producer China faced tougher power controls, stoking supply worries for the energy