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Voting - Election Integrity

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Article Image, By Chad Nelson

The big election season story this week comes from Florida, where in that state's gubernatorial race, Republican incumbent Rick Scott refused to take the stage for a debate because his Democratic opponent, Charlie Crist, allegedly violated the deba

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New York Post

While most would applaud you for performing your civic duty and educating the public about a dishonest politician, the New York State Board of Elections could now fine you at least $1,000.

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There’s an unspoken storm brewing in the Republican Party—a storm whose seeds were planted in the first days of the 2012 Republican National Convention.

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The Newspaper

ATS sues the city, which supports cameras and wants to keep them running, and asks a judge to grant an injunction. This excludes the sponsors of the ballot measure from the proceedings and ensures a win because the city's legal team throws the case.

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The Daily Caller

“They’re going to have to appoint the current mayor and council for 2 more years and they’ll advertise and have people elected” in the next election cycle 2 years from now. This is the 2nd cycle in a row the town has forgotten to hold an election.