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Voting - Election Integrity

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"Yes, the Rizzo-Royster race turned on vote fraud," admitted the Kansas City Star's Barbara Shelly in a crow-eating column nearly three years after it would do any good. For years the Star has routinely mocked anyone who dared suggest vote fraud was

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Journal of Physical Security (JPS)

Paper 4 - S. Meroni, “Election Security: Don't start with fraud investigations, start with security investigations”, pages 32-42 from the Journal of Physical Security (JPS) pdf download. This is a follow-up report related to the paper “Vulnerabilit

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Thei Intercept

The first event: In November 2011 the state added new election requirements, including one that counties must sort early ballots by precincts for the hand count audit. John Moffatt was involved, and reported to your commission on changes proposed and

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The Intercept

A key document has surfaced in a recent lawsuit in Pima County, Arizona, that suggests much more activity affecting the reliability of elections took place in secret meetings with Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett. When the 2011 revision of the