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Voting - Election Integrity

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"Yes, the Rizzo-Royster race turned on vote fraud," admitted the Kansas City Star's Barbara Shelly in a crow-eating column nearly three years after it would do any good. For years the Star has routinely mocked anyone who dared suggest vote fraud was

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"The #1 responsibility for each of us is to change ourselves with hope that others will follow. This is of greater importance than working on changing the government; that is secondary to promoting a virtuous society..."

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Court-appointed Republican poll inspectors are being forcibly removed from voting stations in some Philadelphia wards and replaced in some cases by Democratic inspectors and even members of the Black Panthers, according to GOP officials.

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Lew Rockwell blog

That excellent November 2012 Harper's article, "How to Rig an Election," by Victoria Collier, referred to by Paul Craig Roberts in his LRC piece, "U.S. Elections: Will the Dead Vote and Voting Machines Be Hacked?" is finally available online to read.