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Street Cop Methods for Terrorist Interdiction   The terrorism threat hasn't changed. This is still an active war. Although our nation has not been successfully attacked (due to the efforts of counter-terrorism operations world-wide) within the last eight years, doesn't mean we are not at risk. Quite the opposite I would argue. We have entered a period of time where the average American has been lulled asleep by the absence of a spectacular terrorist event. Terrorists use apathy to their advantage. In particular, Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda, and host of other terrorist networks, have been known to wait years before launching an attack. During this period of downtime, they meticulously plan their next catastrophic event. Keep in mind that Bin Laden declared War against the U.S. in 1996, but 9/11 didn't happen until 2001. Terrorists are evil, intelligent and deadly, but not infallible.

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How easy is it for you,your family and friends to now be labeled a domestic terrorist? Take the fun quiz and find out if your now a enemy of the state. What can you do if you are labeled as one. Can you now be jailed forever without even a trail? We answer all these questions and also get the opinion from the fellows from

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