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Michael Clayton Ernest and Keith Lawson were both arrested in Tuscaloosa County. Authorities said the two men were charged with possession of an explosive device and conspiracy.The Walker County Sheriff’s office said Tuesday it had made two arrests in what it’s calling a murder-for-hire plot that ended with a man injured in a truck bombing.  

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Washington Post

Some 400 officers from state and national security services took part in 19 pre-dawn raids on properties in Melbourne, Australia's second largest city, police said. Four men, all Australian citizens of Somali or Lebanese descent and aged between 22 and 26, were arrested, and several others were being questioned Tuesday, police said.

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Against All Enemies

Former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds dropped a bombshell on the Mike Malloy radio show, guest-hosted by Brad Friedman (audio, partial transcript).In the interview, Sibel says that the US maintained ‘intimate relations’ with Bin Laden, and the Taliban, “all the way until that day of September 11.”  

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ABC News

Seven North Carolina men have been charged with plotting to wage "violent jihad" by "murdering, kidnapping or maiming persons" overseas. According to a federal indictment unsealed today, the alleged ringleader, Daniel Patrick Boyd, and six co-defendants were accused of conspiring to provide financial and material assistance to terrorists abroad. The indictment does not allege the men planned to attack targets within the U.S.

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McClatchy News

Almost every day for three years, prison guards at one of Saddam Hussein's most notorious prisons tortured Sami Alkarim.

Now, in a cruel twist of fate, the accomplished Iraqi artist is being treated like a terrorist by the U.S., the country where he sought refuge.

U.S. officials have told him they can't give him permanent residency in Denver because of messenger work he did as a teenager for the same political party that counts the current p

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When the American-born al-Qaida recruit Bryant Neal Vinas was captured in Pakistan late last year, he wasn't whisked off to a military prison or a secret CIA facility in another country to be interrogated. Instead, the itinerant terrorist landed in the hands of the FBI and was flown back to New York to face justice.

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Edwin Sumcad


    Let’s not be headless chicken destined for dinner. Monopods should go to the high court to declare Patriot Act, as amended, unconstitutional if “torture” of terrorists by the military is “illegal”, instead of asking for the neck of former president Bush for dinner.


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McClatchy News

Haji Sahib Rohullah Wakil spends his days going from one high-level official meeting to another with the swagger of a tribal elder, advocating for the needs of Kunar province, his home region.

Each encounter — with President Hamid Karzai, with Karzai's chief of staff or with one of Afghanistan's other presidential candidates — begins the same: They thank him for his honorable service to the people of Kunar.

Despite those endorsements, the Pentagon says that Wakil is among 74 former Guantanamo Bay detainees who've returned to or are suspected of returning to terrorism after their release from the island prison camp.